As Kermit Plastic INC, we have been manufacturing plastic injection and extrusion molds for the last four decades. Kermit Floor can be seen as the culminating point of plastic mold making expertise.

Our company’s subsidiary in Moldova first started producing skirting boards and related floor profiles almost twenty years ago, targeting the Eastern European and Russian markets with affordable products.

Realizing the need for higher quality alternatives to traditional MDF and lacquered skirting boards, we have developed a new design that inherits the natural look of MDF skirting boards while incorporating the water proof and durable features of SPC ( Stone Polymer Composite ) based skirting boards, parquet and wall panels with better functionality and more affordable costs.


Our competitive edge rests on the fact that we manufacture our own molds for our own designs, which we can change at will according to our customer’s wishes. Due to this, we have full faith on our products.

Kermit is an international company, having experience in exporting to all continents. We have factory level operations in three countries: Turkey, Moldova and USA. We also have sales representatives and showroom level operations in Romania and Germany, in addition to the countries listed above. In Turkey, where our headquarters are located, we are seen as the leader in plastic extrusion and injection molding.

Please come and take advantage of Kermit’s quality, expertise and strength. The attitude of Kermit Floor is to service our clients fast and insure quality work at a fair market price.

Kermit is always conscience to the consumer’s needs at all times.

We stand behind every job we do.

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